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Household contents insurance from iWYZE!

We know how important your home and its contents are to you – that’s why we’ve designed our iWYZE Household Contents Insurance to take care of the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to build. Protect your home contents with iWYZE today, and if any of your possessions, from appliances and furniture to books, DVDs, artworks and more are lost or damaged due to fire, theft or natural disaster, we will repair them, replace them or pay you out accordingly.

Insure your household contents with iWYZE today and you’ll be covered against:

  • Theft or attempted theft that causes loss or damage to your contents, following forcible and violent entry to (or exit from) your premises.
  • Fire, lightning and explosions.
  • Loss or damage caused by deliberate or wilful acts.
  • Natural disasters including storms, wind, flood, hail, snow or earthquake damage.
  • Loss or damage caused by water systems failure, including burst, leaking or overflowing geysers, water supply tanks, cisterns and water pipes.

What’s more, with a household contents insurance policy you’ll also qualify for a range of built-in benefits, such as householders liability cover, for additional peace of mind and extra financial support when you need it most.

When the lights go out – we’ve got you covered!

No lights? No problem! When you have an iWYZE household contents insurance policy, you’ll be covered against the following types of loss or damage resulting from load shedding:

  • The loss of the contents of your refrigerators and/or deep freeze in the event of a total blackout lasting longer than 24 hours. If you claim more than once (i.e. following multiple blackouts), these claims will also be settled, provided the electricity supply was interrupted for longer than 24 hours at a time.
  • Theft: If your alarm becomes inoperable due to a blackout and your home is burgled, we will settle the claim, up to the compensation limit shown in your Policy Schedule. This will be dependent upon the circumstances of the loss.

Please note: You will need to provide proof that the damage or theft took place during load shedding in your area. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your electric gates, fences and/or alarm system are well-maintained and not faulty. If it is found that the electric gates and alarm system were faulty during the event, iWYZE will not be able to compensate you for loss due to theft. Please also note that all claims will be settled at iWYZE’s discretion.

Why insure your household contents with iWYZE?

Insuring with an Old Mutual iWYZE household contents insurance policy means so much more than simply securing your valuables against loss or damage – it means reaping real rewards as well!

Simply ensure that both your car and home are insured with iWYZE as well, and you can save with our bundle and save benefit – the more you insure the move you save! So not only will you save money by insuring all your house hold contents under one roof, you could also get your house insurance on the house! Safeguarding your home and your lifestyle has never been more rewarding!

Contact us for a no-obligation household contents insurance quote today!

Enjoy the ultimate in affordability and value for money, and contact us for a quote today by calling 0860 00 00 53, submitting your details, or requesting a quick quote online. If you like what you see, you can also BUY online as well, ensuring that your valued possessions are in safe hands as soon as possible.