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Quick Car and Home Insurance Quotes

If you’re looking for reliable car and home insurance cover with affordable premiums and fantastic benefits, look no further than Old Mutual iWYZE – insurance cover designed to protect you and your belongings while securing your future and your peace of mind.

Start getting the value you deserve from your insurance policy, and request a personalised iWYZE car and home insurance quote today by simply:

The sooner you receive your iWYZE home and car insurance quote, the sooner you’ll be able to reap the benefits of reliable cover, affordable premiums, and exclusive rewards!

Added iWYZE rewards, added value for money

As you’ll soon find out, an iWYZE car or home insurance policy means more than trusted protection and peace of mind – it means real, tangible rewards as well, in the form of:

  • 10% General No-Claim Reward
  • 6 months’ Retrenchment Premium Waiver
  • iALERT Home and Road Emergency Services

Compare your car and home insurance quotes with your iWYZE quote, and you’ll soon see – when it comes to affordability and added value, no-one looks after your interests better than iWYZE!

The benefits of owning an iWYZE car or home insurance policy

When you request a car or home insurance quote with iWYZE, it’s important to realise that along with your insurance cover, you’ll also be receiving a number of built-in benefits as part of your policy as well – just another way in which iWYZE goes the extra mile to add more value to your life. What’s more, you’ll be able to add to your level of protection with a choice of optional benefits too, giving you car and home insurance that goes beyond the ordinary.

Request your iWYZE home or car insurance quote today

As you can see, at iWYZE we’re dedicated not just to reliable, affordable insurance, but to added value and complete peace of mind – something you’ll discover as soon as you you request a home or car insurance quote from us. Call us today on 0860 00 00 53, submit your details for a call back, or get a quick quote online, and you’ll soon see – when it comes to car and home insurance, no-one looks after you or your future more comprehensively than iWYZE.