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All Risk insurance from iWYZE

We know how important your personal items are to you – and how distressing it can be when items like your handbag, jewellery, cell phone, sunglasses or laptop are damaged or stolen. That’s where All Risk insurance quote from Old Mutual iWYZE comes in – top South African personal goods cover, designed to protect your most prized possessions against loss or damage from accidents, fire and theft.

  • General Items insurance allows you to insure your personal possessions – specifically those items you might wear or carry while you’re away from home, such as your clothing, shoes, sunglasses, briefcase or handbag.
  • Specified Items insurance allows you to specify individual items to be insured separately in your policy. Jewellery and mobile devices like cell phones, smartphones, laptops and tablets are popular examples of these.

With an Old Mutual iWYZE All Risk insurance policy, should any of your insured general or specified items be stolen, lost or damaged, we will repair them, replace them, or pay you out up to the amount specified in your Policy Schedule. So that no matter what life has in store for you, you can be sure your most valued personal items will always be well taken care of.

Why insure your items with iWYZE?

While there are many insurance companies in South Africa offering cheap All Risk insurance cover, it makes far more sense to partner with a name you can depend on. That’s why if you already have the benefit of affordable, reliable home or car insurance with iWYZE, you have the option of taking out All Risk insurance as well. Because when it comes to the small, but significant items that make life easier and more enjoyable, you want an insurance partner you can trust to keep its promises.

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Start protecting those items most important to you with top All Risk insurance cover from Old Mutual iWYZE today. Simply find the answers to any All Risk questions you may have, contact us for a quote by calling 0860 00 00 53, or submit your details and we’ll call you back! You’ve worked hard to secure the future you deserve – now let us help you take care of it in every way we can.